Normal buttons look Rectangular and I was trying to figure out how to round the edges of it and found myself with a headache.. How do those pro designers do it? How do they get the custom GUI's and the buttons rounded or even custom buttons in any shape?

Kind of look like this:

There are no tutorials around on this :c I tried searching a lot.. and only find things telling you to just copy and paste this and that.. and include some file..

So anyone do this before or know how to do it?
I code in .Net Managed and I'm learning Win32 API. Can read API but not write it :c

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You need owner draw buttons.That means you have to create the necessary shapes or bitmaps to resemble each state of a button.There is a style for this which you pass as an argument in the CreateWindowEx function(BS_OWNERDRAW) but the part of drawing each state in case of a WM_COMMAND message must be handled by yourself.

Just draw the buttons as you like. Draw unpressed button, pressed button and mouse over button as an image.

Use events to catch mouse actions and display appropriate image.

From the perspective of a game developer .)

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