What is the right way to declare an array

Dim lblname As Label() = New Label(get_num_of_children()) {}
Dim mealcheck As Integer() = New Integer(get_num_of_children()) {}


Dim lblname() As Label = New Label(get_num_of_children()) {}
Dim mealcheck() As Integer = New Integer(get_num_of_children()) {}

Thanks for your help

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If your declaring an array with a initial number you should use:

Dim MealCheck(get_num_of_children) as Integer

If you want to set the array with initial values you should use:

dim MealCheck() as integer = {1,2,3}

If you want to create an empty array you should use:

dim MealCheck() as integer = new integer(){}
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Thanks I guess I was using the syntax wrong but it still worked. I'm correcting my arrays now.

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