im making a C++ web browser, i have the basic design all i want now is it to be an anonymous browser, similar to a proxy site. is there a code you can give my to do this. im doing this for a friend who likes to play games in study hall at school, lol. im new to C++ and programming in general. this is actually my first project so all help would be appreciated.

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Yeah, there's a way. Learn C++ and then use Webkit.

By "basic design" do you mean you have studied enough about the HTTP protocol to actually implement creating a basic web browser?

My suggestion to you is to attempt to create a text-only web browser first, but I don't expect you'll ever complete your task. Instead I think, it will be superseded by an attempt to use the QT library's webkit to accomplish your task, or even another programming language like C# (which has a built-in drag and drop "web browser" control).

All in all I think you should rethink your solution to the problem, is having an anonymous web browser the best way to solve the problem?

It's probably leaps and bounds easier to use C# to do this, and then you don't have to deploy with all those QT DLLs that you may or may not know how to use yet.

Not to say it wouldn't be a lot of fun to use C++ though ;)

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