hey can you please help me:)) because we have this assignment ordering form in vb 6.my problem is you have 3 attempts only to log in and in payment it should be 0.00, if you enter a number example 1 the output should be 0.01 then if you enter another number example 2, the output should be 0.12
here is my code for logging in 3 attempts:

for counter=1 to 3 then
If txtUserName.Text = "" Or txtPassword.Text = "" Then
MsgBox "Fill up the missing field", vbInformation
ElseIf txtUserName.Text <> "judy" Or txtPassword.Text <> "salonga" Then
MsgBox "Either wrong username or password", vbInformation
End If
If txtUserName.Text = "judy" And txtPassword.Text = "salonga" Then
End If

You should post in the correct forum, and use code tags around your code. Hard to study the code unless you use code tags.