How to add flash objects in java without Java Flash Player Api? Any idea. Just hint required., not sure if without official API is there another way without performance leaks, anyway interesting question, could you post your result from that...

I already tried google. I only saw JFLASHPLAYER Api which is not free, so i thought to use Java Fx.... So still in trouble, need professionals help like NormR1

My main aim is to provide a startup animation , so application before start produce a good effect on the user, like word, excel etc...

Thanx Cherrill, its also a great solution but i want to make flash attach with java.... Animation made under flash are more realistic look then gif files. VB.NET provide support for this, so i m wondering for same in java.

Here is a list of Java Flash open source projects maybe you can find something suitable there.
From my point of view I was only interested in Project Capuchine, that was to get flash on JME platform, plus little of Java-Flex stuff

As I see it, the big advantage of the splash screen is that java.exe loads and displays it before loading and initialising your app. Any java language-based approach won't display until the application has loaded and main has been called anyway.

Thank you all, i will try flash later, because of my little knowledge how to use the flash api correctly..... until then gif is more appropriate