OK, I am very, VERY new to VB.NET :o

I am trying to develop a Windows application that is hopefully pretty straight forward. I'll try to explain best I can.

I have 4 text boxes (Phones, Field, Moves, and Out) and 64 drop down combo boxes. Each combo box has a peer combo box. The first has a list of names and the second has a list of the 4 possible assignments. I need to be able to select a person from the first combo box and a task from the second and have that person's name populate one of the 4 text box areas based on the selection of the second. I also need the other combo boxes to populate the next line of the text box if more than one person is selected for a single task. For instance, if Combo box 1's value is selected as "Bill" and combo box 2 is selected as "phones" I need "Bill" to appear in the "Phones" Text box. Also if Combo box 3's value is selected as "john" and Combo box 4 says "phones", I need John to appear under "Bill" in the Phones text box area.

Whew... can you guys help me out without me losing my mind?

Thank you all so much!!

Bill the Cat

64 combo boxes???? You sure?
My VB is rusty sorry (I am a c# person but it is the same in .net other than syntax mainly) so i will give you the pseudocode.
On the combo2 selected index event handler do a Select Case statement for each value possible and depending on the value populate the correct textbox with the combo1 text.


Case "Phones":
TxtPhones.Text = Combo1.Text

Case "Moves"
TxtMoves.Text = Combo1.Text

The same applies with combo4 and use combo3 text for the textbox

Does that help?

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