guys can some1 give me hints to solve this? any help will do. thank you.

make a program display a lowercase vowels using do while loop:

heres my code:

char letter;

heres my code but it won't work!

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What you probably want to do is accept any character in the loop, but only print it if it matches the criteria:

while (cin >> letter) {
    if (is_vowel(letter))
        cout << letter;

Obviously this is a non-working example that you would need to flesh out (such as writing is_vowel()), but it should suffice to show the concept.

thanks sir, but i haven't get the idea, i have to use do-while loop. sorry i'm a newbie w/ this.

What do you know about the differences/similarities between the while and do-while loops?

1) Start letter at 'a'
2) Start the do-while loop
3) IF letter is not vowel
4) output the letter
5) increment the letter
6) end of do-while if letter >= 'z'

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#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
char letter='a';
do { 
cout<<letter; letter++; 
system ("pause"); return 0;

thanks to you!

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