Hi, I desperately need help for my java assignment. I am required to make an encryption/decryption program using netbeans. It basically takes the users message and encrypts it into characters and vice versa for decryption. My teacher say it has something to do with using arrays. There are 2 main screens in my program(Encryption,Decryption) i already designed it. I just need help with the code. Could you please help me out. Your help will be greately appreciated. I uploaded my netbeans code below. Could you please help ?

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Very simple, read string provided by user character by character, look up character in first array and get its position, then look up character on this position from second array and add it to string builder or buffer.

PS: You described your existing code correctly as designed, because you did it in drag & drop way. Seeing all that auto-generated rubbish there I want to cry!


Obvious no intention to do any actual coding as processing logic is not part of drag & drop design.
Closing down!

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