I want to install the dateutil module to work with Python 3.1. I didn't get very far through this installation however before I was advised that I also needed to install setuptools. I've tried to do this using the commands given below, but am not having any success.

$ tar -xzvf distribute-0.6.19.tar.gz
$ cd distribute-0.6.19
$ python setup.py install I think the problem might be to do with the fact that on my computer Python 3.1 is not the default version. So my question is how do I point the version of setuptools that I've downloaded in the direction of Python 3.1 (residing in /usr/local/bin) as opposed to at Python 2.6 (residing in /usr/bin)?

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As I see from your prompt, you are working in Linux (et al). Usually python 3 installs also with name python3 in /usr/bin. Easy way to check it is to try to run it from terminal window or type python<tab> and see which completion alternatives are available. Then you can find installation place by for example `which python3`.

But for this operation you could just type python3<tab> setup.py install. Hope it works, if not you should find way around it with these hints.

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