Hi everyone

I'm working on a remote controled robot which have four cams & one sound recorder.

the robot encode the data send it to a computer,
an application decode data and view 4 cams & play sound.

Here is my question
is there any function or library than can help with 4 video streams?
any advise?

I need your help,
tnx so much

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I'm no expert on audio/video streaming. On most of my projects, either other people dealt with that, or we had an off-the-shelf solution requiring no additional low-level implementation.

In any case, contact the hardware's manufacturer and ask them about the methods suggested / provided for outputting audio/video stream. As for libraries that are typically used for that, I don't really know, the only libraries I know (besides manufacturer-provided libraries) are gstreamer and opencv (an ex-colleague of mine got one stereo-camera system, three free cameras and a pivoting laser range finder all working with OpenCV, and it took him a few weeks to get it all up and running, so it seems pretty easy to do).


can someone provide me a link to download openCV?
I can't download it 'cause of my location.


like i said i can't download it from the sites like sourceforge.net 'cause of my country.
if you can provide a link that has no forbidden country or i must look for another way?

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