i want to build an application that involves all or the core j2ee technologies like jsp, ejb, mvc, struts, jmi etc...
or even any good j2ee project suggestions are also welcome...i need good ideas badly as i need to start off soon..well i expect the great java nerds here to help me.
help giving me a head start!!!

Struts is no J2EE technology, rather it's a rather old and overly complicated application framework built on some J2EE components.

MVC is no J2EE technology either but an application architecture commonly used in J2EE applications.

I doubt there are many systems that use the entire J2EE platform, it's just too large.
Instead of trying to find a system using as many different things as possible you'd rather decide what to build and then decide the best technology to use based on that.

A simple JSP page with good architecture could cover a lot: MVC, regular java classes, servlet, and jsp. If you really want to use a lot of JSP, then a wiki would be kind of cool.

Also, a guestbook might not be too bad.

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