I am running Win98SE on a Pentium 350 box with 64MB RAM. I am not able to run JSP pages/scripts in Internet Explorer. Whenever I try to run one by pressing a hyperlink, I get a This Page Cannot Be Displayed error message. I have tried changing the setting of Internet Explorer, but it does not work. I have JVM installed. However I do not have JDK. What could be wrong?


Windows 98 is a bit outdated ... IE 4.0 - what version of IE are you using? Still, however, JSP is a server-side languages so the browser shouldn't even have to handle anything except for HTML ?? Are your sure the JSP pages work in a different system?

Even I am facing the same issue of jsp files not loading correctly in IE. I have win2k and IE6. I used to access jsp pages properly. But I had a severe virus attack once and I had to repair my os. Since then, as far as I remember, I am not able to access jsp pages properly. I think I have removed all the viruses from my PC. Any inputs on this?


The browser doesn't care whether something is a JSP or not.

Most likely you corrupted the installation of your application server somehow and that causes it to no longer (or incorrectly) render JSPs leaving your browser puzzled as to what to make of it.

As to rational, do you have an application server at all? It sounds like you're trying to open JSP source files in your browser, which is not at all what they are intended for.

Thanks for your reply. I dont have an application server. I am just browsing sites on internet and files with extention .jsp are not loading properly. I wanted to know if there is any setting on the browser which restricts files with certain extentions or is it a known virus/worm for IE on win2k??

You need to run your JSP files and servlets inside a container such as tomcat or java enterprise server. I think I am new to Java myself, but you cant run them from the browser without the script first being run on the server.


Try www.coreservlets.com for an up to date tutorial on JSP and servlets technology.

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