How to keep look and feel of java program as classic windows style , even the style of the windows change to windows xp look, or aero look? I mean permenantly keeping classic look? Has any one has any idea? Thank you............... for any advice , help... :)

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You would have to use some custom look & feel library as default available look&feel are dependent/influenced by underlying OS. There was for example Apple look and feel with Quaqua


Thats what i m searching too @peter_budo, but i didnt got any library regarding to it... So i thought asking over the forum can solve my problem... Okay if its not posible can we remove border of "button" in windows xp look and feel. I used windows classic and windows xp look and feel , in classic buttons border are not visible.. I have used


But it only work under windows classic L& F. Any Idea, I m in the middle of the project.... :(


Have you tried just specifying "com.sun.java.swing.plaf.windows.WindowsClassicLookAndFeel"?

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Thanx a million.

Sorry @Majestics, but your reputation comment for Ezzaral made me laugh little (no offence intended) as I expected that you actually try it this before you posted. However above suggestion will still produce similar looking but different at same time look&feels if you compare them on different OS.


The problem was i made three projects in java before this current project, so i used system feel and look setting which changes with the feel and look of the windows, now in this project i created some custom buttons and panels which are not compaitable with xp feel and look , which is problem so i m thankful to @Ezzaral which helped me remembering back that solution....
I also want to know the api for this solution but as windows is common in third world countries because of piracy no one use linux , even linux users are call ... here(Not my opionion).... I love linux my self , rest you can understand yourself..

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