Hi all,

I have a problem in handling files through C.

here is the problem im having:

i will query the database (for instance consider employees table )
for empno,ename,job,salary fields.The query returns me some 100 of rows. now i need to place them in a file in row wise pattern as they exist in the database.

now , if any row is updated in the database i need to update the same row in the file . also if any row is deleted i need to remove the same row in the file , and if any new row is inserted into the data base i need to insert the row in the file.

can any one suggest me any method to do this .
The performance is and main criteria(i mean time to do file operations. )

please help me in this regard,

thanks in advance,

Trinath Somanchi,

Can you show us an attempt at a solution, rather than just asking the question again on a different forum or two?

Dave -

I actually made the mistake of giving him working Pro*C code - another forum. He did not seem to get that it worked. But it wasn't exactly what he specified, because his requirements are non-sequitur in a production world.

It's probably a weird homework assignment.

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