Actually I don't know if my question belongs in this topic or in the mysql topic.
But I'm making a VB.net application with a mysql database and i have to make a trigger but I don't know where I have to use or implement it in my application.

I have a table with reservations and a table with consumptions. So when a reservation is paid, all the consumption from that reservations have to be deleted automaticly.

Can someone help me with this or do I have to ask it in the mysql topic?


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The triggers are declared at database engine, so you need to administer MySQL database to create a trigger to do that.

You can find here the reference on how to create a trigger in MySQL version 5.6. On this page you can find manuals for other versions.

Hope this helps.

Your question has nothing to do with VB.net application. The business logic needs to be implemented entirely at database level.

Yes, and better in a MySql forum, but...
Always we try to help.


Ok, thanks.

I think I have figured it out!

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