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I wanted to see if the following scenario would be possible with VB. We have 13 different locations. What I want to do is open an access database. I want to open a table in access and sort it by a particular column by date. Once sorted I want to count how many have a close data of 'today' and export that number into an excel spreadsheet. I also want to add all sales for that day from 3 columns and than subtract 2 columns and export that number into the same excel spreadsheet.

Basically what I am trying to do is find out how many tickets were closed each day and the total sales for that day. I want all 13 locations to export this data on a daily basis not overwriting the previous day. They would need to connect to an FTP or a remote workstation not sure which is easier to set up. Would this be something I could accomplish with VB? I know I would probably need to set up some SQL to filter the data I want. I dont know much about ADO or if that would be best.

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Yes, all those things are possible. Whether you (or your co-workers) have the necessary knowledge or expertise to do it seems to be the real question.

Open an Access database? Sure, use ADODB objects. Export to Excel? Sure, use the Excel.Application object.

However, you need to do some research on distributed application design. If the remote locations are on the same network you could just have them connect directly to the same Access database. If not, then you can use FTP but you have to set up your local FTP server for them to connect to. You can have your VB program manipulate the files daily (for archiving purposes, so they don't get overwritten) using the FileSystemObject objects.

I know I haven't been real specific, but it will at least get you some ideas of how to start off. Good luck!

Actually you were very helpful. I just wanted to verify it could be done before I jump knee deep into this project. I'm sure there will be more specific questions to follow. Thanks again from my favorite online community.


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