Hello there, I'm having some trouble trying to converting images/characters/strings/data into a byte array and then send them.

In C++, I already have established a connection between the client - server and would like to send and receive data.

Now I'd like to send an install file which is like 1.3MB. How do I convert that into a byte array and then send it to the other side and convert it into the original file?

If possible, can you include a detailed example? It's hard as it is to just understand the concept.


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Ignoring details such as packing, endianness, and pointer issues the most basic approach is something similar to the following

template <typename T>
inline void pack (std::vector< uint8_t >& dst, T& data) {
    uint8_t * src = static_cast < uint8_t* >(static_cast < void * >(&data));
    dst.insert (dst.end (), src, src + sizeof (T));

template <typename T>
inline void unpack (vector <uint8_t >& src, int index, T& data) {
    copy (&src[index], &src[index + sizeof (T)], &data);

And you can use that like

// on the send side
vector< uint8_t > buffer;
uint32_t foo = 103, bar = 443;
pack (buff, foo);
pack (buff, bar);

// And on the receive side
uint32_t a = 0, b = 0;
size_t offset = 0;
unpack (buffer, offset, a);
offset += sizeof (a);
unpack (buffer, offset, b);
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