for example i have 2000 picture box and i have a array the lenght of 2000.
and my picturebox names is like pb1,pb2 .... pb1999, pb2000

so if my arrays 1393th item is not null i want to change 1393th pictureboxs color.

is there any easy way?

i know i can use select case but if i use this it takes 2000 row and its useless :D

thx for read

Why not loop through the items in the array by index..

umm couse i cant use loop
i wish this code but

for i=0 to arry.lenght-1
if arry(i) isnot null then
pb&i.backcolor= red 'i wish this code but :D we cant 

hmm i found something
i use panel for all picturebox and for each :))

but i we have 2000 picturebox and some diffrent controls like buttons textboxs and something like this
if we shouldnt use panel for just pictures? how can i do that