This is something that is really starting to bug me about Python and wxPython...

In VB6 (Disallowed by my employer) I can have multiple Forms loaded at the same time. I can show and hide each and everyone of these forms any time I want to.

For example I can have a Main.bas and Main Form MN, A General Information Form GI and I can talk between each of these "pieces" of my puzzle. In my Main Module I can >show or .Hide MN without affectuing the GI form.

An event in either Form (when shown and both can be shown at the same time with full event handling even when the Main Module has control!) Can reference any Function anywhere in Main and I can access any Control on either form from either form or from Main, simply by, example, MN.List1.Additem("New Information")

What I need to do is have two forms up at the same time... And, I need to be able to pass information to and from each form. I also need to reference functions back in the Main Code and have those Functions act on the Forms. Lastly, I need to be able to kill either form with out affecting the other.

Now, does anyone know where a spoiled by VB6 NEWBIE can find a detailed explanation of how to do what I *must* do to make my program work "correctly"?

I have found *very* incomplete explanations about Threads and Events, but *NOTHING* that puts it all together...

Please understand, that I do not know enough Python or wxPython to even know how to phrase my question and most of you might as well be speaking Greek at this point in my eductaion.

And, yes I am a very frustrated 59 year old who has written and can write some rather large VB6 Apps. But, that anguage has been disallowed by my employer.

Look I am willing to buy books or even pay for a tutor...

Part of the problem is that I know enough of the basics to get by... But, there are gaping holes in my knowledge and verbiage of Python, wxPython and anything "C" and "C++".

If you can help please respond...

If not please keep silence...


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Blocked at work will check when I arrive home... THANKS!

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