Hi guys, I'm trying to create a "pool" of data that once added to is saved on a public domain. For example, data is stored at "url.com/data.txt".



Client 1 connects to some url (which I need help with, thinking some PHP) with data as arguments. Adds: 39458,359835

Client 2 connects as well then adds: 92349823,23984



Any help would be extremely appreciated. And also, if anyone is familiar with GitHub and you know how to save the data on that site, that would be the absolute best. I was thinking the solution be something like a small PHP script where the data is in the URL in two segments (data will be uploaded with two integers at a time), which would then write to the data.txt file. I may be totally off, this may be done solely with java, but I have no idea how to prevent the abuse of the system that way.

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Here's my contribution:


Glad to have helped!

Really, any web server technology could handle this kind of thing.

If you want to prevent "abuse," you have to do some thinking beyond "people upload pairs of numbers." Like how would you know "good" numbers from "bad?" And how do you intend to use these numbers?

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