hey guys, im a new guy here in the forum and im also an IT student who gets into C++ troubles most of the time, but enough about that... i just wanna ask if anyone can help me in my linked list problem, i think its about pointers and address. like a->link, well thats what it looked like. Problem is i dont understand a thing and my prof wont even give me an example, i dont even get the slightest idea of what's it all about and i dont know where to start, SO CAN ANYONE PLS SHOW ME AN EXAMPLE,even just the basic ones THANKS!!!

Linked list are typically used to work with data structures.
Access to items in the list is controlled by pointers.

This is a very simple example to construct a linked list. You will need to do a lot more reading to use them correctly.

One thing to remember:
You must delete all the list items when exiting the program otherwise you will create a memory leak.

struct dataRec {
  type     data;
  dataRec  *next;

dataRec *prList = NULL;  // the list anchor

function addRecord(dataRec *prList) {
  dataRec *temp = new dataRec;  // create a new record to add to list
  temp->data = whatever;
  temp->next = NULL;

  // Now add this record to the end of the list
  dataRec *curr = prList;	
  if (curr == NULL) {  // the list is empty
    prList = temp;  // prList, the anchor, now points to the first record
  else {
    if (curr->next == NULL) { // last record in list
      curr->next = temp;  // add temp to end of list
    else {  // move up the list until the last entry
      curr = curr->next;

thanks, i really appreciate it! i think i'll do some head crackinh for awhile to master this ^^

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