This program deals with strings and requires the use of pointers (in a fairly simple fashion).
You might consider yourself writing a programmer for a book editor to place a set of index entries into alphabetical order. Some complications arise here in that punctuation in the entries is ignored in fixing the order of the entries, as are several other symbols. Hence you need to not necessarily compare whole string of characters (so strcomp is not going to do the job). Basically you can do as a subprogramme which will compare just the relevant characters of two strings.


This program introduces structures and a simple class with associated ideas from the basic knowledge from the pervious steps.

Set up a class date which models a date with fields for the day, the month and the years. Ste up constructors and a destructor, and some member functions to print a date, input a date, and write a suitable function to add N days to a date.

Can you write some code which will say what day of the week a particular date is?


This question, a full class with pointers and generators is required. Write a polynomial package which will manipulate polynomials. The class should be able to input a polynomial, print a polynomial, add, subtract and multiply polynomials.

You will be manipulating arrays of doubles which are the coefficients of the polynomial.

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Was there any questions or do you expect someone to do that for you?

This will propably be locked if you don't respond with some actual work.

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Is this c or c++ or c#?

the output 4 question 3 may look like the following. 1 and 2 was easiest.

If u have any questions after u have tried given them here.


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