Hello there, I'm not too entirely familiar with the operation of scheduled tasks within Windows XP and I'm tasked with finding an operable solution.

Firstly, a couple things come to mind:

1. Start the process with windows using a low priority and sleep until it is time to function. This idea is definitely not an elegant solution.

2. Use the Windows XP Task Scheduler to schedule a task for the right time(s) that use my tool by passing command-line arguments. I would like a way to add the task to the schedule via C# but haven't found it yet.

Secondly, I would like to ask about other potential solutions and just a spare opinion on which one you would choose.


You can run the command line utility schtasks from within your C# program. Use 'schtasks /create /?' for help about creating a task.

NOTE: schtasks may not be available on Windows XP.

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