When I start my computer, the Start up Screen (Loading Screen) comes up and loads normally. Before showing up the Log in Screen, the computer automatically restarts. I started the Windows again but the error is not gone.

I have:

Windows XP Home Professional
Service Pack 3
Pentium 4
494 MB RAM
Company: LG (Pakistan)

What I did:

I read several articles and they said press F2 or F8 on start up and you should see an option "disable automatic restart on failure", but that didn't even work and a blue screen came showing up that Windows is already shut down.

I ran Windows XP Home Professional in Safe Mode, but the same error is occurring.

Please help me! As I have all my files and very important documents and pictures and I can not reboot my Windows XP Home Professional.


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Do you have windows XP Professional or windows XP Home? They are 2 slightly different installations!

Have you tried booting into safe mode?

Lastly, if your data is that important then why don't you have a backup of it?

I'm sorry for the confusion, I am using Windows XP Professional. I have tried the safe mode, the VGA mode and others, but no luck.

I can't even access the login screen! How can I backup my files?

Exactly what happens when you try to boot into safemode? I need to know what it says on screen and at what point it stops.

What I meant about backing up your data is that you say it's important. If it's that important, you should always keep a backup when your system is working correctly for situations like this. I have all my importand data on an external hard drive and on several dvd's as well as some of it on usb flash drives as an example.

I take it you have a second computer? If so, it might be worth taking the hard drive out of your failing computer, putting it in your second computer, and running scandisk on it!

Have you try opening up your computer and check whether there is some burn capacitor or some burning smell just in case and at the same time try other power supply unit. It may be hardware problem.

Try to connect your hard disk to another computer and make it as a slave then back up your important files.

Try to Load the last Known Good Configuration that worked, else I think you better back up your data, and reinstall XP from the startup.

Have you recently changed your Anti-Virus, Or Runned a Virus Scan?

First thing, if possible, try to unplug the harddisk and connect to another pc, if it boots ok then may be a component on your motherboard is the issue here, else if still restarting, then either try repair the installation with a windows cd, or format and clean install windows

try to used chkdsk.....

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