Hello to all java programmers I have a java database problem specifically the auto increment. In my MSAccess I have a table named "Confirm" and in that table I got two fields, the "confirm" which is set to text and the "id" which is set to auto number or auto increment which is also my primary key. In my java application I have a textfield then a button save. If the button is clicked, the text in the textfield will be saved in the database field "confirm" then the id will increment. In my code, what I did is this:

String insert = "insert into Confirm values ('"+confirmation.getText()+"',"+missing code here+")";

confirmation.getText() is my JTextField

I don't know what code to put in "missing code here" in order the program to work and the id will auto increment.

there is no need to mention auto increment explicitly , it will increment automatically when ever you insert a new row

further more the query must be like this

insert into Confirm(columnname) values(columnvalue)

Hope this Help......

commented: nice job. . I never thought my problem would be that easy. .hehe thank you +3

Thank you so much. . It did work. . hehe I did it this way:

String insert = "insert into Confirm (confrim) values ('"+confirmation.getText()+"')";


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