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all i want is to generate a random number/letter in listview per row but i don't know how to play for each....
coz' i have a list of record has already been exported to my gridview>listview

so that's why there no ID for each row all i want to put an ID for each record

here's my sample code,

        lstLicense.Enabled = True

        Dim item As New ListViewItem
        Dim strCodes As String
        Dim strId As String
        Dim strId2 As String
        Dim i As Integer
        Dim zz As String
        strCodes = strCodes & A
        strCodes = strCodes & B

        For i = 0 To CInt(10) - 1
            strId &= Mid(strCodes, Int(Len(strCodes) * Rnd()) + 1, 1)


        zz = strId2 +strId

        For ab As Integer = 0 To DataGridView1.Rows.Count - 2

            For i = 5 To CInt(4) - 1
                strId2 &= Mid(strCodes, Int(Len(strCodes) * Rnd()) + 1, 1)

            For Each abc As String In zz
                With item
                    item = lstLicense.Items.Add(DataGridView1.Item(0, ab).Value.ToString, 0)
                    item.SubItems.Add(DataGridView1.Item(1, ab).Value.ToString)


                End With


but it shows 1 character only