i am a beginner python developer
and i am search about python projects for beginners
for i learn and know how can i make program in python
and thanks

You came to right place, this forum have loads of 'sticky thread' which are shown in beginning of threads organised our dear moderator and mentor vegaseat, starting with http://www.daniweb.com/software-development/python/threads/20774.

Of course for information to solve these, you should use good tutorial like one in python.org and maybe also book like "Dive into Python" (freely available from net or also as printed book).

Be carefull with version of program examples you must convert Python2 programs to Python3 if you use it by utility 2to3.py and maybe do few changes by hand (rarely). If you use Python2 you can start to use some Python3 features by from __future__ import division, print_function statement in beginning of your code.

Thank you pyTonhy
but you not understand me
i am searching about big projects for beginner
i have big background in python
but i am searching about projects learn me 'how can i make program'

You can post one of your programs as code snippet, and we can maybe suggest you next project, if you describe yourself well in your profile and message attached to code snippet. We can judge and trust better from code than from some sentences which are clearly not with your native tongue.

So beginner projects like
are to simple.

Hmm... there was small thread about advanced projects also:

I am curious top see your code as regular code snippet poster!

Thank you very much
in fact i can't make program but i mean i have background in python
and i am search about methods learn me how can i make program
and i think better methods is learn from projects
if have any ideas for i learn you can post in here about ideas
and we are here for learn not challenge

I would recommend in addition for those nice ideas of vegaseat and other in Beginner's Project trying to solve tasks in projecteuler.net.

First of all you should learn way of thinking and organizing your thoughts in way you can express to computer.

Please consider that you are giving very bad impression on yourself by ignoring capitalization and punctuation in your messages. Even everything understand that us foreigners make some stupid mistakes (just these days I wrote 'joice' when I should have written 'choice' in my message).

Thank you very much, for help me.

And i will review your replies and learn from it.

And, What is better book to learn python for beginner in you think ?

Thanks again.

Thanks Dear