I have a pretty basic knowledge of most concepts in C++ save some issues that I have surrounding polymorphism, and I just love the way it feels. But I have my first AS level computing lesson tomorrow, and it will be in Object Pascal. Will this actually be helpful, with regard to improving my programming skills? Or just a pain to unlearn C++ concepts and get around its hideous syntax?

I believe that a lot of people had to learn it at school - so could anyone share their experiences of it?

Also, would it still be reasonable for me to continue learning C++ outside of school, or should I focus on Pascal?

The differences between languages of the same ancestry (C++ and Pascal are both Algol derivatives) are more syntax than anything, and those differences are easy to figure out.

Further, knowing C++ will help you even if you ultimately never use it, so continuing that education is certainly reasonable. But you might want to focus on Pascal for now simply because it's what will earn you your grade in the class.

Hmm, I see your point Narue, but I feel that it might murder my enthusiasm for programming xD

Eh? How do you figure?

Well, C++ has loads of practical applications, such as using graphics libraries etc. But there seems to be much less support for pascal. Besides, it just feels ugly, in my opinion