Hi everyone,
I want to compile a simple assembly language program like helloworld.asm in visual studio 6. I don't want to use MASM as assembler.
I want to include NASM as assembler.
please help me out.

thanks in advance..:D

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asm programs have to be assembled with an assembler like MASM or TASM. Can't be done with VS.

Actually, AD, in this case it is possible to use Visual Studio as an IDE for NASM; this page explains how to integrate NASM with VS6. It's a bit dated, so some of the details about NASM itself may be off (e.g., paths), but it shouldn't take much tweaking to do it.

OTOH, the OP probably should at least be familiar with the process of assembling a program from the command line first, as you'd need to understand how things like paths work and how the command-line options are set for the instructions on that page to make sense. Also, with VS6, you won't get any syntax highlighting and other nice features for assembly (though with later versions of VS, there are plug-ins that support that); it would basically be a fancy text editor. Unless your goal is to integrate the assembly code with a C++ or VB program, Visual Studio 6 probably isn't the best choice of IDE for NASM.

asitmahato: were you able to get NASM working with VS6? While I don't really recommend it, the instructions given above should have made it possible. If you were able to do it, could you mark the thread as solved so that we know?

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