Hi i have a directory containg about 300 files with different extensions like : .txt, .php, .html,etc.. and i have tried this code but it displays a files list instead of only thier extentions

string[] filePaths = Directory.GetFiles(@"c:\tmp]");

so what i need to do is to display all the files extensions in that folder

***Thank you***

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Once you have your files in a list you can loop through that list and use the getExtension method to return the file extension of each file. That will of course give you quite a few duplicates for each file type so you'd still need to filter that if you wanted a distinct list.

string[] fileExtensions = Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\temp").Select(p => Path.GetExtension(p)).Distinct().OrderBy(p => p).ToArray();

Gets all the extension in sorted order.

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Thank you so much for your answer
It helped my alot

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