hi ive just found this forum site and thought maybe just maybe someone may help me.

here goes im trying to create a card came in vb and in doing this i am wanting to have random statements in my game i have done the random statements and they are working fine and without duplicates ( which is even better).

the thing is i want to know how to create either a module or a class module for the cards and the random number.

really i just cant be bothered typing loads of file paths for each random number e.g if rand.caption = 1 then
card1.image fromfile ("C:/blah blah blah.gif")
end if
repeated,several hundred times ect ect.

can someone help me with a module to link a card with a number ie 2= jack spades or 6 = 4 diamonds.

thankyou for any help you may have to offer me.

well as no one wanted to help me i have took it upon myself to try a database instead so ner

Everyone has a life apart from the forum, you know ( or maybe you don't). If you had just a little patience, someone would be able to hel :rolleyes: p.

There is a dll that Solitaire uses to pull all card images from, you could use that same dll for your game.