heyy pplz

I'm new to programming and C
just now decided to set myself a project and chose to make a simple roulette game
so far i got a basic idea but would require too much code and am sure there must be a simpler way.. if anyone could help me get started on the right track by describing how they would do it and provide any snippets I would greatly appreciate it. Remember not to use crazy terms because i probably wouldn't understand them haha...

Thanks :)

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How about we start with your solution? Just because you think it would require too much code, whatever that means, doesn't mean it's not a good solution.

Well first idea I was wayy of lets just leave it at that haha but what I meant by too much code was too much redundancy and not to the coding standards .Now I'm thinking when it starts the user is asked to enter the amount their wanna bet and what to bet on . Then have a random value be generated which i think i can handle by my self :) after that the program checks the input with the random value and determents the outcome which I'm not too sure how to pull of. Probably a whole load of if statements haha

You can use IF statements, SWITCH statements, ARRAYs, and FUNCTIONS to make your code more compact. You don't need 37 IF statements to test the number field...

This doesn't look really complicated. It will be too much code only if you want to make GUI. So start writing code, and when you get stuck, we will help you ;)

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