Well I'm making a program where multiple images will be used but I don't know how to make the images transparent, since Delphi is only allowing me to use .jpg images instead of transparent .png images. It ends up giving my images a white sqaure block around them and ruins things such as backgrounds.

Er, I don't know if modern versions of Delphi support PNG out of the box. (I use an older version.)

If it doesn't, I recommend you get PngDelphi by Gustavo Doud.

If it does, then you are doing something wrong. Show your code.

Hey, thanks for the reply mate. Basically I am also using a older version of Delphi (Borland Delphi 7). Anyway I decided I am not going to use external images for this program, I am instead going to draw the images with Delphi's canvas feature however I have a new problem with that so I'll be making a new thread to explain it and I'll show my code.

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