i need to use copy clipboard for copying files for example i ll copy some file then i need to save this somewhere in my program how can i do that? i searched little but i just can find copying strings. :S I need more than that :)

Thx for answers :)

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i searched little but i just can find copying strings

That's exactly how file copy works!

Open Explorer, select a file or few and try this code

If Clipboard.ContainsFileDropList() Then
    For Each fn As String In Clipboard.GetFileDropList()
End If


You can use an Open File Dialog to select the file you want to copy and then on the Dialog Result you can add the following code:

FileCopy('File to Copy, 'Where You Want it To Copy To)

Wow Really that was awsome :) i never thought it would be so easy

its really awsome method thx a lot

thx a lot its usefull method :) but i needed to use clipboard

You are welcome. Sorry I didn't provide exactly what you needed.

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