Hi, I want to call my simple stored procedure in my app's local database. This is my procedure:

ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.booklist
	select * from book

Actually I should run my query that is simple and return list of books (SELECT * FROM book). I should do this job via stored procedure(school stuff).
How can I have booklist in a data-table. Should I have Parameter for execute this procedure?

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You don't need a parameter as there is nothing that changes in the query. You run a stored procedure exactly like you execute a SQL statement. What classes you use depend on what database you are using.

After creating the procedure just Execute it to return everything from "book".

EXEC booklist

exec <name of the procedure>

if you have parameterized stored procedure then
exec <name of the procedure> <'param1'> <param2> ....etc

Note single quote for char value and no quotes for int parameter

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