Ok, say im using the cmd prompt version of MSVC++(or the windows app type), how do i post a project on daniweb, HTML, or any other website(or like a quick luanch desktop icon)?

You are using an editor of somekind, such as Notepad to write your program. Just copy it to the clipboard then paste it into
DaniWeb's edit box, and please surround it with code tags.

Umm..Iamthwee was closer, but how could i embed it?
i mean, well for starters, just teach me howto put it into a zipped file

Hmm, it seems like you are blurring the boundaries of a desktop and website application.

ok, lets just start with this, how can i make my program a zipped file on my desktop?

If it's a folder, right-click on it, then choose send to compressed folder. That should zip it up. I use ultimate zip though.

well how do i get it so that all i have to do is double click it?(.exe?)
because i can't even compile it when i open the folder and get the code and all

I'm not too sure what you mean. I can only presume, the exes exist under:-

my documents > visual studio > Projects > file_name > debug.

And I'm not too sure if they are true exes or the ones that need the dotnet framework to run?

Also when you view a zipped folder make sure you extract it first. I.e. right click (extract all)?

ok, lets just start with this, how can i make my program a zipped file on my desktop?

You need to download a program called WinZip -- free evaluation version from here. When you run WinZip it will create a *.zip file that contains whatever you want it to contain.

I know, i think i have WinZip on my comp. already, i just don't know how to make it that once i double click an icon(probably an .exe) my command prompt screen come up with the program on it..

All you have to do is compile it. You do this by going to Build -> Compile [filename].
The .exe file is then in a folder called 'Debug' in the place you saved the source - if you saved the source in C:\foo, the exe would be in C:\foo\Debug.

how do u get to that folder?
Ohhh..I get it now! all u gotta do is compile it then search(with the program, Search) for ur project, then look in the folder of ur project, open it, and villa! there it is!

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