Ok, here is what I am trying to do, it is basically a card maker.

I need to be able to save the finished products in a single bmp with all text and both the card background and card pic (the area in white which will be able to have pic files loaded at runtime) intact... but i'm having difficulty accomplishing this, any tips? I got everything to show on the card and edit the way i want, it's just saving it that is giving me trouble

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Just use the SavePicture method SavePicture Picture, FileName For the picture parameter, you probably have to use the object with the picture property. SavePicture Picture1.Picture, "MyPicture.bmp"


Doesn't work, just saves the single background bmp no text and nothing from the other picpox


this is looking to be quite the headache.. but if I can get it working it will save me time (screenshotting and editing out the extra stuff with paint is annoyingly time consuming) Thanks for the links I'll go over the information and hopefully I can find something in that api site to assist..

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