My application is in VS2008 coded in vb.net.I have a form with a datagridview which loads data from databaase.there is one column where data is stored separated by comma's.Like Name,Surname,LastName name this column as Testing.I have a checklistbox on another of my form.When the user selects a particular row from datagridview another form open and the row selected records are populated in the control of my other form.My issue is i want to check those items of my checkbox that are present in my Testing Column.I have used and array im able to fetch the records just im not able to check the items in my checklistbox that are present in the column
Below is my code
chkList is my checklistbox controls
FORM1 is my form that has datagridview
Below is the code of my second form that has checklistbox

Dim classesChecked As String() = FORM1.DATAGRIDVIEW.Item(10,FORM1.DATAGRIDVIEW.CurrentCell.RowIndex).Value.ToString.Split(",")

For i As Integer = 0 To classesChecked.Length - 1


Please suggest how can i check the items of my checklistbox.

hi frnds.
here is the solution to my query

checklistbox.SetItemChecked(checklistbox.FindString(classesChecked(i).Trim), True)
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