Iam a Graphic designer and now i want to learn VB (software development)
New to vb not know anything about that and iam quick learner any Help is appreciated.
from where i start to learn.
which software i download vb6? or vb studio? Thanks in advance.:icon_smile:

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Hi Webxpert

Start with VS2008 or VS2010......

If u have experience in programming, it is a matter of days to get well versed in VB.

Try to buy this book
-> Programming VB .NET: A Guide for Experienced Programmers by Gary Cornel



Well, the way I have learned to code is freelancing and research. I have yet to pick up a book yet I am very proficient in Visual Basic and C Sharp. Learning a computer language is really, in my opinion, a matter of repetition, learning the syntax, and research. If you do these three things, you will be a decent programmer in no time!

Also, I do recommend Visual Basic 2008 or 2010. These are both free and can be found on Microsoft's Download Page.

Hope this reply helped and happy coding!

I agree with you both.
I my self started with vb2008 , with the help of DaniWeb and Google I learned allot.
I still have lots to learn
Good Luck

for the languages you mentioned, i would suggest vb.net.
Best of luck!

Use vb 2010 express. its free and it has a good intellisense which is extremely useful. I would recommend buying a book on VB for beginners as this will give u a foundation....then u can learn as you use the software using forums online. Its very logical. Just experiment

good luck

Although I'm not a very advanced programmer, I agree with everyone else here VB 2008 or 2010 is the way to go.

As for books, I like these two:


This series of books is very intuitive and easy to learn in my opinion, the book layout is very helpful to me, as it presents the information and explanations in the left page and the example code/pictures in the right one. So it's pretty easy to follow.

Just as a note i wouldn't recommend the series "Sams" books. I have 3 which i was given for my birthday and whilst they do the job of learning the code i find they aren't very well written and are hard to follow.

Just so you know, this is the series i'm talking about

commented: thanx for: "Sams" books : info. :) +12
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