I have an application that has an Ms Access 2007 DataBase which runns great if access is installed.

Is there any code that I can use in vb that I would be able to run access with out installing it.
Tanks in advance

If your application is developed with Ms-Access's environment then you must have to install MS-ACCESS. If it is not (it is developed using Java, VB or VB.NET) then no need to install Ms-Access.

thanks for your reply
My Application was developed using vb2008.
When I installed it on an XP machine with MS Office 2003 the Application could not open the Database.
I'm just wondering based on your reply do you think I need to uninstall 2003.

As already suggested no need to install Access if it is used as database only. Having the .MDB file only is enough.

Why is my application able to open the DB if Access 2007 or later is Installed but not if Access 2003 is installed
It is not a .MDB file, it is a .ACCDB file.

I think access is not backward compatible and so can't open .ACCDB file which is supported in the version 2007 onwards.

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