Ok, I have chosen my exact path in life and need to learn this: How would I program for Linux? I have only minute ammouts of windows programing so start from absalute basics (like after cout and cin and main() stuff, start at oh something like LinMain or whatever linux uses. I know I said I dont like linux but that is because I cant get it to work (wont post details) So anyone? Also if Linux wasn't programed in c or c++ or d, tell me so I can find the languige, also I consider windows programing and c++ the same thing (they almost are, so no nagging me about that sentance ok) And to get to the point faster I want to learn linux programing because I want to work for Cray (and I am willing to kill if thats what it takes to get there) and all of there computers use linux as linux operates the fastest computers these day. No yip yap ether get to the point ( I like it that way : ) ).

All standard C and C++ programs are the same regardless of what platform they are compiled for. That means all of them have an int main() function. All (or most) introduction to C programming books will be useful for either MS-Windows or *nix machines/compilers. You won't notice a difference between the two operating systems until you start more advanced programming topics, like sockets and creating GUI windows. But even then there are other libraries available that make those topics portable between os.

Yes that is what I need I am wonderful with console applications but with GUI no however as my carrer path needs how would I dow the GUI programing with linux.

Use one of the many libraries available for *nix. Here is a good start

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