Sorry about all the posts; found time and have found time to do programing. Ok I want a usual console application to make a Win GUI window saying thanks at the end of the console app how would I do this eg:

#include whatever

Using namespase std; // what does that std thing mean google doesn't want to tell me

int main()
\\my console code goes here
//something to pass the program to the second part probably goes here

So is there any way to start a WinGUI after a Console has ended.

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"std" is a namespace and it is short for "standard".

If you don't include "using namespace std;" then you have to do this:

#include <iostream>
int main(){
std::cout << "Notice the namespace followed by the scope resolution operator?" << std::endl;

If all you want is a pretty windows to show Thanks then just call MessageBox() from your console program. You don't need WinMain() to do that.

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