Hello, I'm making a application to use in college to retrieve my calendar and other things in VB.NET. But my college uses a proxy so when I connect my laptop I need to change the internet settings in my web browser to view web pages.

Can anyone help me by telling me how I would send requests via a proxy server in VB.NET? Or is there a piece of software that I can download which tunnels all connections or is there a setting in win7 does this?


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In Internet Explorer. Go to Internet Options->Connections->Lan settings.
If you enable "Automatically detect settings", you should no longer have to manually configure the proxy settings for each environment.
When you laptop is behind a proxy, those settings should be detected and your browser configured accordingly.

If that doesn't work, perhaps this might be of use.

There are heaps of proxies out there try dirtcheapproxies.com for some pretty reliable and cheap proxies. I use them

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