Hello Members,
Would anyone please take a look at my attached excel files which is a commodity exchange's end of the day data file. This is a free copy which anyone can download from their websites. Those are (www.mcxindia.com) & (www.ncdex.com).
Now my query is in those two files there is a column named "Expiry Date". Now, how can I change that Month to I,II,III... with their respective names, like whichever is the nearest month including current month in GOLD or any commodity name will named like GOLD-I,GOLD-II.. so on.
I try this with Excel's find and Replace function, like find 9/**/2011 and replace with -I, and then add this number with their name. Many of them replaced successfully. But some of them changed wrongfully. Ex:- GOLD, GOLDM, SILVER, SILVERM. Please help me regarding this problem. Waiting for any good man's Help . :icon_neutral:

P.S.:- I am not a very good in code, those are very basic functions in excel which I used to solve this problem. :)

Thanks in Advance

Thanks to everyone for not answering my problem. I solved the problem myself.

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