hello everyone
i have this error saying "requested operation requires ole db session object which is not supported by the current provider"..i wonder why this appears.i am using an ado and using vb6..can someone enlighten me with this problem..thanks

Need more information. Can you post the code in question, and the connection string you're using to connect (suitably edited for sensitive parameters, of course), and maybe a little background about what you're trying to accomplish with your code when the error occurs?

This usually means that the function you're requesting from your ActiveX Database Object (ADO) is not supported.

Which probably means you're not using the right cursor type for the function that you are requesting. Certain functions are only supported with certain cursor types.

You might try changing which type of cursor type you're requesting. I've most often seen this message come up when not using the right cursor type.

You have four choices: Dynamic, Forward Only, Keyset, Static. Try switching the cursor type. Or you might have an improperly formed query statement. Dynamic is used for SQL type Query statements, Keyset is used with a plain table search. Etc.

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