this will work in Edit button click,Getting values from combobox and given input to query.Oprdgv is my Datagrid.
I got the error Like,

"unable to cast the type 'system.int32' to type 'system.data.datatable"

Private Sub EditButton_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles EditButton.Click

        Dim mcode As String = MccodeCombo.SelectedValue
        Dim pcode As String = ProdCombo.SelectedValue

        OprDgv.Columns.Add("Prodcd", "Prodcode")
        OprDgv.Columns.Add("Mccode", "Mccode")
        OprDgv.Columns.Add("Oprno", "Oprno")
        OprDgv.Columns.Add("OPname", "Oprname")
        OprDgv.Columns.Add("Stime", "Settime")
        OprDgv.Columns.Add("Stdpc", "StdPc")
        OprDgv.Columns.Add("Ratepc", "Ratepc")
        OprDgv.Columns(0).Width = 50
        con = New SqlConnection(constr)
        cmdstr = "Select * from Operations where Mccode='" & mcode & "'and Prodcode='" & pcode & "'"
        dt = DataManager.ExecuteNonQuery(constr, cmdstr)
        Dim rc As Integer = dt.Rows.Count
        If (rc > 0) Then

            For i = 0 To rc - 1
                OprDgv.Item(0, i).Value = dt.Rows(i).Item("Prodcode")
                OprDgv.Item(1, i).Value = dt.Rows(i).Item("Mccode")
                OprDgv.Item(2, i).Value = dt.Rows(i).Item("Oprno")
                OprDgv.Item(3, i).Value = dt.Rows(i).Item("Oprname")
                OprDgv.Item(4, i).Value = dt.Rows(i).Item("Settime")
                OprDgv.Item(5, i).Value = dt.Rows(i).Item("Stdpcshift")
                OprDgv.Item(6, i).Value = dt.Rows(i).Item("Ratepc")

            MessageBox.Show("No Record Found")
        End If
    End Sub

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At which line are u getting the error?

You have to know that dataTable by default has object type. No string ot integer.
So if you want to pass some integer value, you have to explicitly (or implicitly) convert it.

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