how can i display part of site in my webbrowser control ?

for example:

in Window_Loaded i use :

web1.Navigate(new Uri("http://mysit.com/", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute));

and in webbrowser show All parts of the site, but i dosen't like it.

i want show just header or foter or just any where of part i want to show.

more inf: i use WPF App and i have ASP site.

i want code for WPF App, not Wondows Forms App ! bicuse i have Code for WF App and my code dosen't work for WPF App .

just i want code for WPF App !

sry for bad type eng :|


You should probably take a look at the Document Object Model and cross-post this into web development.

The built in browser (and most embedded browser controls) allow you to access the DOM so you should be able to show and hide the bits you don't like. Unfortunately, I don't know how, any proficient web developer should know though =)