i've downloaded the last version of boost(1_47_0) but i don't know how to build it, i tried to find a tutorial on google but that didn't help much because it was for a very old version and some thing changed.
anyway, my compiler does have minimal support for C++0x, will boost work on it(MSVC 2010 express).
and also i'll be thankful if you could tell me STEP BY STEP(as for idiots) how to build the libraries

thx in advance

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I think that the instructions on the boost website are already pretty much "step by step", I don't know how I could give any more straight-forward instructions.

Also note that most Boost libraries are header-only libraries, meaning that you don't actually need to build the binary libraries to use those header-only libraries.

>>my compiler does have minimal support for C++0x, will boost work on it(MSVC 2010 express).

Yes, Boost uses the old standard C++03, so you don't have to worry about that. Boost is also made to compile properly on pretty much any compiler (even very old sub-standard ones).


thx for reply, i searched on they'r site but couldn't find anything related to building them, it seems that i didn't search well enough, still, i'll be keeping the thread open until i build them, if any error occurs i'll post again


ok so, i followed the steps in the guide and didn't manage to succeed
i hate when people build tutorials in witch they give instructions like the reader already does know how to do it
i got so mad that i don't want to hear about boost anymore for a while, actually i don't see the rush, i still have to learn sockets first so screw boost::threads for now.

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