please help me , i really dont have any idea about our project . i need to fix it 1 week before our defense so that i can work well with it and study all about it ..

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And How do you expect us to help, we do not know what is you are trying to do, what problem you have run into.
You have just told us the name of an encryption algo ???


You better try this code. I don't know if it works.

package hahay;
import java.math.*;
import java.util.*;
public class Decrption {
	public static void main (String[]yeah){
		Scanner jill = new Scanner (System.in);
		System.out.print("b^r mod p: ");
		String brmodpp = jill.next();
		BigInteger brmodp = new BigInteger(brmodpp);
		System.out.print("Enter the secret key: ");
		String sk = jill.next();
		BigInteger secretkey = new BigInteger(sk);
		System.out.print("Enter the value of p: ");
		String pp = jill.next();
		BigInteger p = new BigInteger(pp);
		System.out.print("Enter the value of EC: ");
		String ec = jill.next();
		BigInteger EC = new BigInteger(ec);
		BigInteger crmodp = brmodp.modPow(secretkey, p);
        BigInteger d = crmodp.modInverse(p);
        BigInteger ad = d.multiply(EC).mod(p);
        System.out.println("\n\nc^r mod p = " + crmodp);
        System.out.println("d = " + d);
        System.out.println("Alice decodes: " + ad);

@mrjillberth : thanks a lot for the code , your a life saver .. can i have some favor ? please make me understand how it goes and how it works .. THANK YOU ΓΌ


I understand you !! same to me...
i also need help.. can you help me first with my project?


@katzkie : i apologize katzkie , were both beginner and i really dont have any idea about that .. i'll just help you find someone who can help you :)

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