Hey guys,
I need some help regarding a project involving dictionary based language translation. So what I have to do is, given a text in a foreign language (like Hindi), my program should match each word from a 'dictionary like file' and give the output in English, I don't have to worry about grammar, inflection, etc. I think I could make a simple program which just searches for each word and replaces it with the translated word. Seems simple but I am having the following problems:

1. How do I use another language in a C program? Maybe Unicode? But I have no experience in that area so any help would be useful.

2. What kind of file could be used as the dictionary here? and how would I incorporate it in the program.

The compiler I plan on using is Visual C++. My programming skills are very limited so please try to give simple answers, efficiency is not really an issue here. Links to any tutorials or any similar projects would also be appreciated.


This is really annoying and works differently on different OSes and compilers.
For example with G++ on Ubuntu I can output Unicode characters with cout, but on windows it is harder.

Try messing around with setlocale(), wchar_t, wcout, and don't forget to include <locale>. I don't have a VC++ installed right now :(